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Quality policy

  • Quality policy

    Cryovac was founded in 1996 with the aim of offering an integral service (design, engineering, installation, fabrication and maintenance) in the areas of cryogenics, high vacuum and high pressure to the gas industry.


    Cryovac is authorised and certified by the Ministry of Industry as a manufacturer, installer, repairer and maintainer of high pressure equipment (FAP-147, EIP-2-75 and ERP-2-3) and, at the same time, is a member and collaborator of the Spanish Association for Vacuum and its Applications.


About Us

  • These factors are the basis of our company philosophy as we continue to grow together with the commitment to our customers, to whom we bring quality, reliability and rapid response which, with our broad specialisation, satisfy the most demanding requirements.


    Under our commercial brand, Anevac®, we manufacture cryogenic transfer lines, Dewars, high pressure equipment, cryostats, vacuum chambers and custom made prototypes for the different markets sectors in which we operate.


Our Capabilities

    • Cryogenics 
    • - Cryogenic transfer lines
    • - Vacuum insulated equipment
    • - Helium recovery
    • - Cryostats
    • - Maintenance of cryogenic equipment
    • High Pressure
    • - Fabrication and installation of high pressure equipment (FAP-147, EIP-2-75 y ERP-2-3)
    • - Oxy-combustion equipment
    • - Installations in labs
    • - High pressure cells
    • Vacuum
    • - Vacuum chambers
    • - Leak detection
    • - Thin film systems
    • - Magnetron sources
    • - Vacuum maintenance
    • Control
    • - Vacuum control
    • - Pressure control
    • - Temperature control
    • - PLCs and computer interfaces

    Company presentation (pdf)