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Product: “ANEVAC 956”


  • Engineering and design with structural and thermal finite element simulations. 3D design, electrical design and CE legalisation.
  • Manufactured in stainless steel, cylindrical or cubic geometry, custom internal dimensions and finishes, automatic door closing mechanisms, flanges with feedthroughs, vacuum tightness > 10-9 mbarls-1.
  • Pump system to reach < 10-6 mbar in the required time, pneumatic valves, gauges and cold traps.
  • Shroud manufactured from aluminium or stainless steel, optional independent sections, low outgassing black paint, door section that moves with door, optical bench style lower section and thermocouple networks.
  • Nitrogen recirculating thermal equipment at controlled pressure and temperature, temperature range -180 to +200ºC, maximum gradient ±5ºC/min.
  • Control system with electrical panel, data acquisition cards, real-time graphical parameter visualization and spreadsheet exportable logs.
  • Redundant alarms and safety features.