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Sectors of Customers

  • Food Technology
    Food Technology

    We perform maintenance on tunnel and cabinet freezers and we install cryogenic dosing systems in bottled drink companies. 

  • Medical

    Our main customers in the medical sector are pharmaceutical companies and users of resonance magnets and cryogenic banks.

  • Research

    Many technological centres use liquid nitrogen or helium to cool samples and detectors for material research or space science.

  • Defence and Aeronautics
    Defence and Aeronautics

    If is necessary to test aircraft electronics and ballistic defence systems at low temperatures, since they fly at high altitude.

  • Industrial

    Cryogenic liquids have many properties related to their temperature, which may be exploited in different kinds of industrial processes. 

  • Gas Suppliers
    Gas Suppliers

    These companies are dedicated to the production and supply of gases. They need lines and special equipment in their facilities.

Specialised Services

Cryogenic Services

  • Cryogenic consulting
  • Design and calculations
  • Custom fabrication
  • Modification, automation and repair work
  • Periodic revision
  • Maintenance 


High Pressure Equipment Services

  • Design and calculations
  • Custom fabrication
  • Hydraulic tests
  • Legalisation
  • Gas recharging
  • Installations
  • Technical service

Vacuum Services

  • University-company collaboration
  • Finite element analysis
  • Component supply
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Rental of portable systems
  • Sensor calibration

Control Services

  • Control for vacuum, pressure, temperature (low and high) and cryogenic liquids
  • Development
  • Automation
  • PLCs and interfaces
  • Calibration