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Many technological centres use liquid nitrogen or helium to cool samples and detectors for material research or space science.

If the object that needs to be cooled is large or in a difficult to reach place, it is normal to use a cryogenic transfer line to carry the cryogenic liquid.


Superconductivity occurs at low temperatures. The way to reach these temperatures is with a cryostat. We have experience in the design and fabrication of cryostats that use liquid gases or "dry cooling" (cryocoolers).

Space Science

Outer space has an average temperature of 3K. Therefore, it is necessary to test all satellites, rockets and equipment destined for use in space at very low temperature. We can fabricate test chambers that use liquid helium to reach these temperatures. Liquid helium gasifies very quickly at room temperature so the use of cryogenic transfer lines is important for its manipulation.

Dewar filling

In large research centres, it is sometimes not practical to bring all the Dewars to the cryogenic tank for filling. A more convenient system joins the tank with filling stations in each department using cryogenic transfer lines.

Examples of our research customers are:

  • CERN
  • ITER
  • ESO
  • ILL
  • Malta Consolider
  • Universities