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Our main customers in the medical sector are pharmaceutical companies and users of resonance magnets and cryogenic banks.

Resonance Magnets

Resonance magnets in hospitals, clinics and medical research centres often use superconducting magnets cooled by liquid helium. During magnet use, liquid helium constantly gasifies and it is necessary to replace the liquid so that the temperature of the magnet does not rise, causing a quench. We fabricate and install cryogenic transfer lines, quench lines and the necessary gas detection and extraction systems for the safe operation of the equipment.

Cryogenic Banks

Another application that uses cryogenic transfer lines is to take liquid nitrogen to cryogenic freezing banks. Many public and private centres use this type of freezer to preserve samples of cells, umbilical cords, blood plasma and semen. We also install gas control and extraction systems for this type of bank.


Particle size reduction is an important part of pharmaceutical production. Cryogenic milling with liquid nitrogen is a very effective way to obtain ultrafine and uniform particle sizes, improving the quality of the product and production times. Cryogenic transfer lines are needed to take liquid nitrogen from the tank to the mills. 

Examples of our medical customers are:

  • CSIC
  • CNIO
  • Magapor
  • 3P Bio