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Food Technology

We perform maintenance on tunnel and cabinet freezers and we install cryogenic dosing systems in bottled drink companies. 

Tunnel and cabinet freezers

A tunnel or cabinet freezer us used to freeze or cool food very quickly with liquid nitrogen. Examples of the type of food that can be frozen this way are meats, vegetables and pizza bases. To supply nitrogen to the freezer, a cryogenic transfer line is used and the equipment itself needs preventative and corrective maintenance that we can offer.

Bottled drinks

In order to be able to stack plastic drinks bottles, it is necessary to increase the pressure in the bottle after the lid is closed. This is done by injecting a drop of liquid nitrogen in the bottle just before closing it. The drop gasifies in a confined space, increasing the pressure. It is essential that the injected nitrogen be in liquid form, since gas would escape before the bottle could be closed. For this reason, not only a cryogenic transfer line is required but a phase separator in order to eliminate the gas before reaching the dosifier. We are able to fabricate and install this equipment.

Examples of our food technology customers are:

  • Telepizza
  • Coca Cola
  • Pepsico
  • Refrescos de Sur Europa