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Automatic Temperature Control

We offer temperature control systems for a range of applications.
  • Sample holders
  • High pressure cells
  • ŸControlled atmosphere chambers
  • Liquid and gas lines 
The range of temperatures is between a few Kelvin, cooling with cryogenic liquids or cryocoolers, up to hundreds of degrees, heating with resistances and air blowers, if needed. 
Control system 
  • Control box: The control and measurement of the temperature is done by means of devices built into a control box.
  • Computer system: The temperature control is operated by means of a computer interface and our “Crybava” software.
The usual functions of our temperature control equipment are the following:
  • Modes of operation: Manual and automatic.
  • Adjustable parameters: To change the precision and sensitivity of control.
  • Safety system: Emergency button and automatic protection against electronic faults and derivations.
  • Integración: Other elements may be incorporated, such as ventilators and special illumination.