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We can supply standard or custom high pressure and vacuum chambers.
We are authorised to legalise high pressure installations according to current legislation.
We design and fabricate high pressure reactors for all kinds of chemical processes.

We offer several general services for high pressure equipment. 

The high pressure treatment of certain foods can inactivate microorganisms.

For high pressure research on the physical properties of samples up to a volume of ~1mm3.  

For very high pressure research on the physical properties of small samples. 
For specific high pressure applications, such as H2 storage. 
The chambers are custom made and certain characteristics may be personalised.
It is necessary to order premixed gases in advance and they are often expensive. 

We employ welders certified in a variety of techniques.
We design and implement quality control systems.
We are specialised in the installation of systems, equipment and tubing.

We realise the design and fabrication of oxy-combustion equipment (natural gas, O2 and H2).