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Large Volume Cells

For high pressure research on the physical properties of samples up to a volume of ~1mm3.  

Our products are the Anevinco DAC 120, for neutron diffraction measurements and the Anevinco GV 95 for geological and planetary simulation. We also fabricate custom high pressure cells. Our line of high pressure cells has been developes in collaboration with researchers from several universities.  
Anevinco DAC 120
  • ŸMade from Ta6V, a high resistance amagnetic alloy.
  • Maximum pressure 30 GPa.
  • ŸInternal volume 1mm3
  • Tungsten carbide or synthetic diamond anvils.
  • External diameter 120mm.
  • Weight 1,2 kg.
  • Wide optical aperture for neutron diffraction measurements.
  • Incorporated X-Y and rotary alignment. 
Anevinco GV 95
  • ade from inconel or stainless steel.
  • ŸMaximum pressure 1 GPa.
  • Internal volume 10cm3.
  • External diameter 95 mm.
  • 4 openings with plugs designed for optical or electrical measurements.
  • Optional: Hydraulic pump to change the pressure.
  • Optional: External circuit for liquid nitrogen cooling up to -200ºC.
  • Optional:  Heating resistance to increase the temperature up to 400ºC.
Coming soon: Large volume cells for the study of materiales in extreme conditions of high pressure, magnetic field and temperature.

 We are developing these cells with the help of the Retos-Colaboración program, advancing technological development, innovation and high quality research.

This project is funded by the Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, cofinanced by the European Union .