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High Pressure Equipment

We offer several general services for high pressure equipment. 

  • ŸDesign and calculations: We perform calculations and design custom made high pressure equipment. We hand over the plans that we draw with the legal documentation to authorise its fabrication, if necessary.
  • Custom fabrication: We are certified manufacturers of high pressure equipment (FAP-147). We obtain materials and fabricate high pressure equipment according to plans, using certified materials, tools, procedures and welders.
  • Hydraulic testing: We have equipment available to realize maximum pressure and porosity tests with any compatible high pressure device and, in this way, certify its safety.  
  • Gas charging: We can obtain and supply gases and mixtures of gases for the charging of systems that require them.  
  • Technical service: We are certified repairers of high pressure equipment (ERP-2-3). We realize maintenance, periodic revisions, repairs, modification and automation of high pressure equipment.
  • Installation: We are certified high pressure installers (EIP-2-75).