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Thin Film Deposition Systems

Our turnkey systems are designed for a comfortable and simple use.

Our chambers are cuboid-shaped and come in three different sizes:
  • Ÿ300×300×500 mm
  • 500×500×500 mm
  • 600×600×500 mm
We also fabricate chambers and pre-chambers with customisable sizes and geometries. The doors are easy to open and they have a window to observe the evolution of the process.

Vacuum: Our systems are equipped with rotary and turbomolecular pumps, corresponding to the size of the chamber.

Inside the chamber, we can mount equipment for:
  • Evaporation
  • Magnetron sputtering
  • Electron beam deposition
We rack mount the power supplies and the systems that measure vacuum and film thickness. The rack may be situated below or next to the chamber. Apart from the fabrication of new systems, we also offer consulting, calculation and design services for custom made systems. If you already have a system, we can perform repairs, modification, extension and automation in order to take advantage of the latest technological developments.