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Nanoaggregate Sources

We design, fabricate and install combined magnetron systems. 
The following aspects may be personalised:
  • Number of magnetron sources.
  • ŸDiameter of the sources (1/2, 1, 2, 3 or 4”).
  • Power supply of the sources (DC or RF).
  • Length of the sources.
  • Relative positioning of the sources in the x-y plane.
  • Size and type of flange with which the sources are mounted.
Each magnetron has its own system, which allows the relative positioning of the sources to be controlled in the z-plane. Every bellow has a maximum extension or contraction of 100mm.
  • Gas line for each magnetron
  • Cooling liquid in and out lines for every magnetron.
  • High tension cable for every magnetron.
  • Aggregation gas line in the mounting flange.
All of our nano-aggregate sources come with our under guarantee and are tested in ultra high vacuum for the absence of leaks.